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About Smarth Foundation

         SMARTH FOUNDATION is an organisation in which group of Older & Younger Peoples wants to serve the society without any self interest to awake them for their social responsibilities and personal health awareness. They are doing free medical health camps for medical awareness, spritual activities to expand our rituals in young generation and social activities to create awareness among peoples.

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           This foundation offers heavy discounts on blood tests, medical treatments and surgeries with reputed doctors and brands. We are offering medical treatment and surgeries according to the budget of the patient or their family in nearby hospitals. We are coming with Patient Transport Ambulance Services also soon at very low cost in Delhi NCR.


Our Mission

At Smarth Foundation, Our Mission is to improve the awareness of the society towards Health, Spirituality & Environment by providing a platform where every single individual learn their responsibilities.

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Our Vision

We will transform the society where every single individual aware for their Health, Spirituality & Environment.

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Our Values

At Smarth, our core Values are Caring, involvement & Helping.

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If You want help to the society, Just contact to us